HP Ryzen 3 Laptop Review

So you have decided to buy a laptop and now the question is how good is it? Here is an honest review about the HP Ryzen 3 laptop.

One of the things which I want to make clear in the beginning is that there are multiple models of HP Ryzen 3 itself. There's one that comes with an SSD and an HDD combo, there is another with just an HDD, and then for different ones the processor spec is a bit different.

So always make sure that you get the right laptop. After all, it is not every day that you buy a laptop.

The multiple models under the HP Ryzen 3 series include 15s-gr0012AU, 15s-gr0006au, 15s-gr0012AU and so on.

So I am planning to write this review is in such a way that I speak about what you should get for the laptop and what my thoughts on it are.

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Let's start with the processor.


So most of the laptops on the list come with a Ryzen 3 processor, sorry my bad, the laptop is called HP Ryzen 3, so all of the laptops come with Ryzen 3 processor. 😂

But the numbers after it matters a lot too. If you look at the laptops in Amazon the 15s-gr0012AU has a Ryzen 3-3250U processor, whereas the 15s-eq2042AU has Ryzen 3 5300U processor. How much does this differ and what is the difference?

Guide to Processor names

If you want to know what the numbers mean, here is the guide to those.

Let's take an example, let's consider AMD Ryzen 3 - 3250U.

The series of the processor can be found from the first digit. So Ryzen 3, is similar to the i3 processor. Ryzen 5 will be better performance and Ryzen 7 even more so.

The 3 in the 3250U is the generation. So the this is a 3rd generation processor. On the other hand, the 5300U is a fifth-generation processor. Using the latest processor will give you better performance and reliability.

The next 2 is the performance level. 2 and 3 are base-level processors whereas 4 to 6 will be for high-performance processors. Processors with 7 and 8 are for content creators and gaming laptops.

The next two digits are for stock keeping and you can ignore them.

The suffix U indicates Ultra-Low power consumption.

So based on this guide, get a laptop within your budget that performs the best.


This is a flat out answer, 8GB. Go for 8GB of RAM. That should be enough for almost all cases. I can't think of any situation where you'll need more than that.

Laptops with 16GB RAM are mostly for content creators, gamers and so on. In a normal day to day life, you'll never need anything more than that.

The RAM can be upgraded to 16GB if you are hell bend on upgrading the RAM.


Space is not everything. SSDs are super fast and they'll make your life so much smoother. My wife's laptop was 5 years old and almost unusable when I switched it to SSD and now she who's not a techie suggests everyone that. 😂😂

So the 15s-gr0012AU comes with an SSD making it our go-to choice. If you have an SSD upgrade slot also, that should work. SSDs cost a decent amount of money.

You can get a 256GB SSD or if you want to save you can even get a 128GB SSD, but make sure your windows is installed on that partition. If you are even a bit of a techie, this should be easily doable.

Having a 1TB on top of this should make your life ecstatic as now you have all your storage needs satisfied and got performance that rivals most laptops at this price range.


I've seen laptops with 14-inch displays and 15-inch displays. Go for the larger display. Display space is never enough as you can see with larger screen phones, TVs and monitors coming out every day.

You'll definitely need more space to watch movies, and do excel sheets. The display is a 15.6" Full HD IPS display. This means that the quality of the display is great and can be used for watching Netflix at high quality.


The keyboard is great for typing. THere is ample space between the keys so that typing is a breeze on the laptop.

The laptop comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. You can upgrade to Windows 11 when the new update comes. Windows has lifetime validity and you can use it as much as you want. The edition of the windows if you are curious about it is Windows 11.

The laptop is portable and is easy to carry around. With a decent battery capacity the laptop can run on battery power for a relatively long time. The charger cable that comes along with the laptop is a 65W charger.


Overall I am pretty satisfied with the laptop at this price range. Given the ratings on Amazon, this laptop is definitely a go-to laptop.

The laptop is excellent for entertainment. There is no heating issues which makes the laptop usable for long hours without worrying about damaging any of the internal components.