Best USB Data Cables in India 2020

Dec 25, 2019

Having the wire shredded into a million pieces is something every iPhone user has to go through, and for Android users it is a case of missing cables. But, if you have a new USB C cable, then your case is, nobody else has it. So we have compiled a list of the best of all the cables, and to make it sweeter, the best of all worlds.

How long should the cables be?

One of the first questions that come to your mind when buying a cable is how long. The general options available are 1.5m and 3m, but what does that mean? I can help you with that if you know your height. I am 170cm tall, so 1.5 m is around my height, and 1m would be around me split into 3 and then two parts of that.

You would generally need a 1m or a 1.5m cable. Unless you have a reason stay clear of 3m long cables.

Micro USB Cable

These cables have been there from time immemorial. I don't think there would be one single household in the entire universe that uses a phone and haven't seen one of these. So we got the best micro usb cable out there for you.

Get one of these and you can forget for ever that there used to be a time when you had your cables torn. And the next time you want to buy a USB cable would be when you loose this cable.

boAt Rugged v3

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boAt has become a pretty famous name in a short time due to the amazing quality of the products they build. This is one such product offering excellent quality. These cables last a lifetime and offer extreme value for money.

These USB cables are braided so they won't crack. If you have noticed data cables made of plastic, the problem with them is that as soon as you bend them, they crack. They are like the shoes which you wore to school.

The cable supports fast charging, so you don't have to wait a long time for your phone to finish charging. That is one of the advantages you get if you buy a branded cable.

If you go for cheap cables, you'll notice that your phone doesn't charge as fast as how it used to with your original cable. This is because cheaper cables, cheap out on materials too so they can make more profit margin, and you'll find yourself buying another cable soon.

The cable also comes with two year warranty, which is sort of rare for cables. But when you pay premium price, that's what you get. You'll get prompt response from boAt and your cable replaced if ever it stops charging.

image alt text

The cable works excellently with all the major phone manufacturers and also with other devices such as camera or anything that might relay on an OTG cable.

Overall this is a brilliant buy and kudos to boAt team on the warranty.

Lightning Cable

Lightning cables had been there for a long time. Every iPhone, iPad and iPod since 2012 had these. The cables also have a history.

The history of getting damaged. iPhones though they last for a long time, that's not the case with their cables. We have had our own doubts as to if they deliberately make a terrible product so they can get money when people replace the cables.

Another thing about lightning cable is, if you don't get one that is certified by Apple, it takes forever to charge. And Apple gets a commission for each Certified by Apple cable that is sold.

So make sure that when you get a cable, you get one that is Certified by Apple.

You can have either a braided one or a non-braided one. For both, we preferred AmazonBasics cables. They have done a pretty good job with it. This is the best lightning cable available in the market right now.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning cable

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After using the terrible Apple's own cable which is so frayed, it is like a blessing to get one of theses. We certainly do have a liking for braided cables.

This is because unlike the non-braided ones they don't get damaged quickly and lasts longer. These are defenitely high quality cables.

We would recommend you get one of these as soon as you buy your iPhone, because there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and you iPhone cable getting damaged in three months. And one of them can be avoided, let that be early.

This is an Apple MFi certified cable, which means, it charges at the speed it is expected to charge. We also recommend getting MFi certified cables since Apple ensures that quality standards are met.

Being an owner of an iPhone, I once cheaped out on an Apple cable, and found myself with a terrible cable, which I couldn't return. And I had to buy an original one soon. So better buy the costly one before you waste money on the cheap one.

Third-party cables you get for cheap are not certified and the rate at which your phone charges will be very slow.  

The cable has a durable nylon fiber cloth for protection, strength, and flexibility. Amazon claims that the cable has been tested to bend 95-degrees 4,000 times, which is a lot.

To put it into perspective, if you bend it twice a day, one on the way to office and one back, it will take around 5 years for you to damage the cable. And you have to keep bending the same place, which is highly unlikely.

This cable also comes with a one year warranty, so in case it decides to die on you, you can easily get it replaced.

On a side note, these come in multiple colours and we recommend getting the red one if you're going to college.

AmazonBasics Lightning Cable

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These are more or less the same as the previous cable, except for the fact that it is not braided. This is one of the most sold lightning cables on Amazon and that should tell you something.

These also don't fray, but we still prefer the braided ones.

Amazon claims these have been tested to bend 95-degrees 25,000 times, which is a lot more than the braided ones. But then the braided ones look so much better.

They also come with one year warranty and can be easily replaced.

They are also certified by Apple so that you'll get the same speed you get on the original cables. These are as good as the original cables minus its defects.

USB Type-C

These are the new kids in the block, attempting to universalize cables. These we hope would become what micro USB cables used to be and more. Since Apple also has a keen interest in these, one day we hope we all have just one cable.

USB C cables are of multiple types. One comes with USB C on both sides, like the ones on Apple MacBooks.

AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0

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AmazonBasics seems to have ticked a few boxes right when coming to making cables. The Type C cables produced by AmazonBasics are top-notch quality. You can feel the quality oozing while touching one of them.

The ports on these are strong and sturdy and you don't have to worry about them getting bend.

One of the major advantages of the USB C type is that you can put it in both ways, and don't have to worry about getting them straight. You know how we all have struggled to find which is the right direction when it comes to plugging USB cables.

These cables have been certified by USB-IF to be compliant with USB 2.0 Standard. That will give fast data transfer speeds.

These cables can have data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps and a power output of up to 5V and 3 Amps.

AmazonBasics USB Type C

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This is the braided version of the above cable. They are sturdy and offer good quality and will last long enough to put a smile on your face. Some days you might look at these cables and wonder why others don't offer the same quality AmazonBasics offers.

These cables are strong and can be used for a long time. The pins are also strong, so they don't break easily.

The best of all worlds

What if you have an iPhone and an Android with type-C and some old phone which uses micro USB? Don't worry, we have something to put all together.

Portronics POR-013 Konnect-Trio 3-in-1

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Had the same thought, who on earth named it. I mean, why would someone even name something like that? But then everything else is a happy thought. So I wouldn't worry much.

These are brilliant to put in on your car if you travel with your friends, because none of them ever have the same needs when it comes to a cable and someone will always be out of charge.

These cables are excellent for using while travelling and taking to office because there too, you'll never know who needs what kind of cable.

One of the major drawback of this cable is that it is not Apple certified and therefore Apple devices won't charge as fast as the original charging cables.

But then who complaints when their phone is dying and this is the last resort?

With this cable, you can also charge up to three phones together.

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