Best RAM For Laptops in India (2020)

Aug 31, 2020

RAM is one of the components in a laptop which most people upgrade. When someone says their laptop is slow, one of the first suggestions they most probably hear is to upgrade the RAM and rightfully so.

One of the major things which you have to look into while buying a RAM is the dimensions of the RAM. RAM modules for laptops are smaller than the modules for computers. Laptopo RAM size is around 3 inches compared to 4.7 inches in a computer.

Let's look into the best RAM modules that are available in India today.

1. HyperX Impact 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 CL15 260-Pin SODIMM Laptop Memory (HX426S15IB2/8)

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Kingston is one of the greatest manufacturers of computer memory components such as pendrives, RAM modules and memory cards. The RAM they offer is one of the best quality memory modules available.

The HyperX series is the high performance lineup offered by Kingston. They provide great value for money and greater performance. The RAM module is energy efficient and it also translates into the RAM module remaining cool even after pushing it beyond its limits.

The RAM module is XMP ready so you can adjust the settings for this RAM without having to check the BIOS. These RAM modules are available in sizes of 4GB - 16GB. The laptop has a frequency of 2666MHz to refresh the content faster.

This is one of the greatest laptop and we would pick this in a blink.

2. Corsair 8GB DDR3L Low Voltage 1.35V 1600Mhz Laptop Memory SODIMM (CMSO8GX3M1C1600C11)

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Corsair is another one of the great RAM makers from time immemmorial. This RAM module performs optimally and requires a very low voltage.

The refresh rate of the RAM module is 1600 MHz making it performant. It offers great value for money and helps in increase the smoothness of your laptop. Having more RAM means the laptop will have more space to store data for high speed access.

You'll find most value in adding extra RAM if you do video and image editing. This particular model is the budget model and is reliable and works with all laptops. Note that this RAM is DDR3L and not DDR4 which is a somewhat older technology. But that doesn't stop the RAM from offering utmost performance.

3. XPG ADATA Hunter 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-2666 Laptop Memory - AX4S266638G18-SBHT

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XPG also is a maker of memory devices. The SSDs and HDDs offered by ADATA is military standard. They put ultimate care in creating the best products featuring ultimate technology.

The XPG ADATA Hunter is the premium series of ADATA offering great performance. With a refresh rate of 2666MHz the read write speeds of the RAM module is very high. It features XMP 2.0 for more accessible overclocking. It has been optimised to give the best performance with both Intel and AMD processors.

The RAM module is relatively at a higher price but the price is justified by the refresh rate and performance offered. This is a great purchase.

4. Crucial Basics 16GB DDR4 1.2v 2666Mhz CL19 SODIMM RAM Memory Module for Laptops and Notebooks

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Crucial makes their RAMs in multiple sizes and this RAM comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB models. The RAM can operate at a maximum frequency of 2666MHz.

This RAM upgrade will help you in lower loading times for programs and would help improve the responsiveness of the laptop. More RAM means you can run data intensive tasks and open large files with relative ease. Multitasking also becomes easier because there is more RAM, you can load all of them in the RAM.

The RAM comes with 10 year limited lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that you are in good hands.

5. Kingston 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L Laptop RAM (KVR16LS11/4)

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This is the budget model of RAM from Kingston and is extremely cheap. This also is a DDR3L RAM and offers a maximum speed of 1600MHz.

Upgrading with this RAM will defenitely show you a marginal performance gain with the laptop starting faster and the applications you use being more responsive and faster. You can open more browser tabs before the laptop starts sweating and asking for more RAM.

With a refresh rate of 1600 MHz the RAM module offers decent performance and you can go for this without second thoughts if your primary aim is not gaming.


These are the best RAM modules available in the market now and we will be updating it as soon as new ones come up. One of the things to keep in mind is a higher refresh rate RAM module is not required if your primary aim is not gaming. If you want to game get a RAM with more than 2000MHz refresh rate otherwise go for one above 16o0 MHz.

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