Best Monitors Under 10000 in India (2020)

You might think, is it worth to get a monitor? If you're building a new PC, then you definitely need a new monitor, but what if you own a laptop?

Monitors are extremely important and can be set up with laptops also and they give you a lot of space to work. Also monitors come with better clarity and detail than most of the laptop displays giving you better viewing experience. If you're a developer or do video editing or work on multiple sheets at the same time, a second monitor is a blessing.

A multi-monitor setup

We have also provided a buying guide at the bottom for you to make your own informed decisions.

The best monitors under 10000 are

1. Samsung 24 Inch LS24R350FHWXXL

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A monitor that looks excellent on paper as well as in real life. The monitor looks extremely thin and stylish. The monitor has an extremely small bezel width also making it looks gorgeous.

The display has 75Hz refresh rate making the screen appear extremely fluid. It also has AMD FreeSync, a technology which allows PCs or laptops with AMD graphics card to sync the refresh rate with the refresh rate of the monitor so that tearing and ghosting don't happen when gaming.

The display doesn't come with an inbuilt speaker which is a bit of a downer and it doesn't have a headphone jack either. But the display is extreme value for money.

2. LG 22 inch 22MP68VQ

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A 54.6 cm screen from LG is a great display at this price. The monitor is bezel-less and has a Full HD IPS display. The colours are true from a wide range of angles and the monitor is perfect for gaming and for productivity tasks.

The monitor features AMD Freesync, a feature whereby the refresh rate of the monitor is synced with the frame rate of an AMD graphics card making the display feel perfect. Freesync removes ghosting and other effects that come due to the refresh rate and the frame rate of the game.

The monitor also comes with a feature known as Black Stabiliser which helps the monitor achieve natural and true black colours. The monitor also features LG 4 screen split which lets you resize the display to up to 4 windows at once.

The screen is bezel-less making it look gorgeous. The monitor can also be wall-mounted. Wall mounting will reduce the space needed for the monitor on the desk and helps in keeping the monitor free from accidental hits and bumps.

The monitor comes with two HDMI ports which help in connecting multiple devices to the monitor and switch easily if the need arises. The monitor also comes with a two-year warranty.

The monitor also has reader mode so that you can read books on them for a long time. Reader mode reduces the vibrancy and the blue light coming from the display and keeps your eyes relaxed while reading for long hours.

3. HP 21.5-inch 3AJ92AA

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A monitor that offers unforgettable display quality, be ready to be surprised by the quality. The display is a Full HD display offering crisp images.

The display has virtually no bezel surrounding the screen and has an ultra-wide viewing experience. The monitor has In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology which makes the images more vivid. IPS panels offer more accurate displays as compared to LCD displays.

The monitor comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz. This ultra-fast refresh rate helps a lot during gaming. The monitor also has a response time of just 5ms keeping you a step ahead while gaming. Response time is the time taken for the monitor to display what it is supposed to show on the screen. A lower response time makes the display comes as soon as you press the key.

The monitor also has flicker-free technology to keep the display from flickering. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. The HP monitor also has AMD FreeSync, preventing the display from stuttering and tearing.

This display also has Low Blue Light mode so that less blue light enters your eyes. This helps in keeping your eyes relaxed. This is especially useful before going to sleep because studies have shown that exposure to blue light makes sleeping harder.

This HP monitor is one of the best monitors available under 10000.

4. Acer Gaming Monitor 21.5" KG221Q

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Acer has come up with a brilliant monitor with the KG221Q, but sadly this monitor is not bezel-less like the rest of the top monitors in the list.

The monitor is a 21.5" screen and has a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920x1080. The monitor has a refresh rate of 75Hz and thereby compensates for the presence of a huge bezel. The monitor also has a response time of just 1ms, making this one of the best performing monitors in this list. I guess we can forgive the bezels.

The display features a TN panel and offers accurate colours and perfect viewing experience. The monitor comes with 2x1W speakers. The speaker quality is just decent and there's nothing exceptional to look at.

The monitor has 1 HDMI and 1 VGA port. The presence of both the ports make the monitor versatile and therefore can be used with both old and newer systems.

The stand of the monitor is aesthetically very pleasing and we loved the overall look of the monitor.

This monitor also comes with AMD FreeSync technology which prevents tearing of the frame. Tearing is when the left side of the monitor shows one frame while the right side of the monitor shows another frame. It also has Acer BlueLightShield to protect your eyes from the blue light from the monitor.

Overall a great value for money monitor with great features.

5. Acer Nitro QG221Q 21.5 Inch

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A monitor which is perfect for gaming and for other productive tasks, the Acer Nitro is a budget gaming monitor. With a high refresh rate of around 75 Hz and a response time of 1ms, the monitor offers great gaming experience.

The monitor has a brightness of 250 Nits so that every part of the screen is properly illuminated even in bright lighting conditions. The display also has BlueLightShield to prevent blue light from hurting your eyes and giving a better viewing experience. It also has flicker less technology to reduce eye fatigue.

The display has a resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD. This gives excellent clarity while gaming and is soothing on the eyes for doing productive tasks.

Acer Nitro monitor excellently compliments the gaming laptops in the Acer series. This monitor also comes with Acer FreeSync to make gaming seamless.

The monitor can be wall-mounted, but the wall mounting bracket needs to be bought separately. The monitor has 1 VGA port and 2 HDMI ports. The monitor also comes with Black Boost technology to make the darker areas of the screen perfectly dark and flicker less technology.

Overall a great monitor, offers great value for money and is one of the best monitors under 10000.

6. BenQ 21.5-inch GW2283

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BenQ is a brand that offers monitors on a budget. They try to pack the best performing monitors at prices that are comparatively cheap and that's what made them famous. This monitor is no exception.

The monitor is LED back-lit and offers Full HD resolution. This increases the clarity of the elements on the screen. The monitor comes with a Brightness Intelligence Technology. This technology adapts the brightness of the monitor in relation to the ambient light. This is helpful since you don't have to adjust the brightness every time.

The monitor is border-less and uses IPS (In-plane switching) technology which makes the quality of display great. The monitor also offers adaptive eye care technology which adapts the blue light depending on time.

The monitor is border-less and looks great on any table. The monitor also has a cable management system to prevent clutter on the table.

The price of the monitor is less than 8000 at the time of writing, which makes it great value for money monitor. This monitor is a must buy.

7. Asus VZ229H 21.5-inch  

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Asus has created an ultra-thin monitor with the Asus VZ229H. The monitor is just 7mm thick, that is a great feat by itself. The monitor looks great on the table, thanks to its extremely thin bezels.

The thin bezels mean that you can stack multiple monitors side by side and use them as a three monitor gaming setup. This will give you a panoramic view. The display has IPS technology which gives the monitor a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1. This means that the black parts of the screen will be properly black. It also comes with a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

The monitor comes with flicker-free technology which removes flicker on the screen. This reduces eye strain. It has some other neat tricks up its sleeve such as an ambient light sensor.

It also has ASUS eye care technology features such as low blue light filter to filter out blue light. The monitor comes with 1 VGA port and an HDMI port for easy connectivity.

The stand on the monitor also looks perfect and doesn't occupy much space.

This monitor is another great value for money monitor.

8. AOC G2590VXQ 24.5 inch

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AOC has created an innovative monitor with this 24.5" monitor. This is a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 75Hz and a response time of 1ms.

Having a high refresh rate and a low response time is especially essential for a gaming laptop. This is because, if the screen is slow, while playing multiplayer games you might be a fraction of second slower in seeing your enemy. This will result in you getting shot at while playing shooting games.

The monitor features 2 HDMI port and a VGA port. Multiple ports help you you being able to connect multiple devices top your monitor and not having to find and change the cable every time. The presence of VGA monitor helps in connecting old devices also.

The monitor comes with AMD Free Sync technology to help sync the refresh rate of the monitor to the game's frame rate. This helps in low input lag and make the monitor perform better.

The monitor is a Full HD display which gives excellent quality display. The monitor is also wall mountable but the wall mounting equipment needs to be bought separately.

Its flicker free technology and true to life game colour gives the best gaming experience and best experience for productivity tasks also.

9. HP 22fw Ultra-Thin Full HD 21.5-inch IPS Monitor with VGA and HDMI Ports (3KS60AA/3KS61AA)

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This HP monitor is a great monitor for daily use, and especially for gaming. The monitor features a full HD display and has a resolution of 1920x1080.

The monitor, to support gaming comes with a refresh rate of 75Hz. It also has a response time of just 5ms. To show its true gaming pedigree, it also supports AMD Free Sync. This helps in syncing the frame rate of the game to the refresh rate of the monitor and removing phenomenons such as tearing.

The monitor is techni colour certified and offers true to life colours. It is extremely thin and sleek and gives a lot of room on the desk. The display has virtually edge to edge display made possible by extremely thin bezels. It also has an anti glare panel on top of it to make it non-reflective and low gloss helping you work in high lighting conditions.

The monitor has both VGA and HDMI ports so that you can connect your PC or laptop to it easily. It also has a myriad of other features such as Low Blue Light to reduce the amount of blue light coming to your eyes to reduce strain.

It features IPS technology to offer maximum brightness and deliver clear images. IPS technology also helps ensure image accuracy and consistency.