Best Laptops under 50000 in India (2023) - With Buyers Guide

At a same price range, you can get a multitude of laptops, but is every laptop meant for you? The answer is no. Laptops are designed for unique crowds. There are gaming laptops, then there are laptops meant for office use, then there are laptops that focus on extreme portability.

Once you have figured out what exactly you want to do with your laptop can you make a decision on which laptop you want to buy. It is pointless to get a gaming laptop if you never do any gaming on the laptop, and even if you do only play Super Mario and similar small titles, you will be better of with a portable laptop. Down the line you will thank yourself for buying it.

Gaming laptops exist just to cater to the gaming market. They are huge and bulky laptops and the gamers are willing to sacrifice portability for that extra ounce of performance and cooling that can be squeezed out of a laptop. Gaming laptops are huge due to their immense need for cooling. They overheat pretty quickly while playing demanding titles such as the latest Assassin's Creed or Watch Dogs.

So we have sorted the laptop according to the category of laptop you require and we have chosen the best and the second best and compiled them. These are the best laptops under 50000:

Laptop Category
Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 Best Laptop overall
Mac Book Air 13" Best Apple laptop
ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT Best Gaming Laptop
HP Pavilion BC504TX Gaming Laptop Runnerup
HP Notebook 14q-cs1000tu Best Office Laptop
Lenovo Ideapad 330 Office Laptop Runnerup
DELL Inspiron 3493 Most Portable Laptop
Acer Nitro 5 Honorable Mention

Best Laptops Under 50000

1. Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14

Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10210U processor
Graphics Card: Nvidia MX350 2GB GDDR5 Graphics
Storage: 512 GB SSD
Display: 14-Inch (1920X 1080 )Full HD Anti-Glare Screen

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People who haven't drooled over the looks of MacBooks are rare. MacBooks are laptops that are just perfect. With their round corners and metallic finish. But then they're never affordable, and Mi has found the perfect niche for itself.

Hands down, the best laptop under 50000 is Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14. A title extremely suited to the laptop owing to the great performance, its looks and its battery life. And above all this is the most value for money laptop in this list.

The Mi Notebook is a powerful notebook. Just because it spend some money on the beauty department doesn't mean it decided to cheap out on performance. The laptop is powered by a tenth generation Intel Core i5 processor. The Intel Core i5-10210U to be more specific. This is the latest generation of processors that Intel has produced.

The processor is a quad core processor and has 8 threads. It has a base clock speed of 1.60GHz and a maximum turbo speed of 4.20GHz. That is properly fast. The processor also comes with 6MB of Intel Smart Cache. All this combined is enough to make any task you throw at the laptop sound like a breeze to it. You don't have to worry about lag or any other difficulty while using the laptop.

image alt text

Mi also decided to throw in a dedicated graphics card, rather than sticking with the graphics card built into the CPU. The laptop features an Nvidia MX350, which is a 2GB of graphics card. The graphics card accelerates the performance of the laptop so that it is excellent not only for work, but also for play.

You can use the processor for video editing and other related tasks and also for minor gaming. When you want to play, a laptop without a dedicated graphics card is the last thing you want.

The laptop has 8GB of DDR4 RAM which has a speed of 2666MHz.  For more permanant storage, Mi has provided with 512GB of SSD. This means you won't have to wait long for your laptop to boot.

This is our favourite part. The display. It is bezel-less and is simply perfect. Mi didn't want to make the bezel large even on the top and therefore decided that they should remove it, and instead provide a plug and play webcam. Now you can move the webcam around, which is brilliant.

Overall this is a terrific laptop and we would defenitely suggest this as a must buy as one of the best laptops under 50000.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-3550H
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR5 4GB VRAM
Storage: 512GB M.2 SSD
Display: 17.3" (16:9) LED-backlit FHD (1920x1080) 60Hz Anti-Glare

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The man of the hour, the best gaming laptop under 50000 is Asus TUF Gaming FX505DT. The laptop is arguably the best gaming laptop at this price ranging oving the performance the laptop delivers.

The laptop features an AMD Ryzen 5-3550H processor. Going with a processor that is not Intel at this era is a risk which ASUS has managed to pull of excellently. For a gaming laptop, one of the things that matters the most is a graphics card, and ASUS has managed to make a price cut in other places to make this the best.

This has helped reduce the price of the laptop considerabily. The reduction in price here has translated into having a better graphics card for gaming purposes.

The AMD Ryzen 5-3550H is a quad core processor with 2 threads per core making a total of 8 threads. Threads make each processor do multiple tasks at the same time. So if a processor has two threads, it can behave as two processors. It has a base clock speed of 2.1GHz which can go all the way to 3.7GHz with turbo boost. The processor has 384kb of L1 cache and 2MB of L2 cache.

Compared to Intel i5-9300H processor which is the Intel counterpart at this price range, the processor is a bit lacking. But don't let that deter you because the processor doesn't bottleneck the graphics card and therefore helps in gaming.

From the specs itself we can easily deduce that gaming on this laptop would be blissful. The Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card with 4 GB of dedicated video memory will ensure that you can play all of the latest titles at excellent frame rates. GTX 1650 is the newer generation graphics processor replacing the 10 series graphics cards.

Nvidia claims that the 1650 offers around 70% more performance than the outgoing GTX 1050 processor. That is excellent performance to play all the latest AAA games. You can play most of the games in medium to Ultra settings.

The laptop also has a 17.3 inch LED back-lit display. The larger screen would give you more immersion while gaming. The display is brilliant and has a great refresh rate so that you don't experience ghosting.

The laptop also features an SSD instead of the conventional HDD which most of the laptops prefer at this price range. The SSD has 512 GB of storage which is enough to store a few games and some movies. Having an SSD means that the laptop will boot faster, and games will load faster. The laptop performs extremely well owing to all these features.

The keyboard is backlit and is not RGB lit but a red hue thrown around. We would have prefered RGB lighting at this price range, but this is not a deal breaker.

All this adds up to crowning the Asus Tuf gaming laptop as the best laptop under 50000. The laptop works best for engineering college students, so they can do their college work and the occassional gaming sprees.


  • Excellent gaming performance owing to Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card
  • 4GB of dedicated graphics memory
  • SSD provides great performance
  • Huge 17.3" display


  • Battery life
  • Looks

3. HP Pavilion BC504TX

Processor: Intel Core i5-9300H
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 VRAM
Storage: 1TB HDD
Display: 15.6-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) SVA anti-glare WLED-backlit

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HP has been around for a long time, producing laptops and desktops that has withstood the tests of time. The HP Pavilion BC504TX is no different and it has stood up to its name.

The laptop features a 9th generation Intel Core i5 processor, specifically, Intel Core i5-9300H. The i5 processor is made on Coffee Lake architecture. The processor is a quad core processor with 8 threads. The base frequency of the processor is 2.40GHz and has a maximum turbo speed of 4.10GHz.  The processor has 8MB of Intel Smart Cache.

For graphics card the laptop features Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. This is a great graphics card and is excellent for entry level gaming. Most of the laptop at this price range offers a GTX 1050 graphics card. The graphics card comes with 4GB of video memory so that the frames can be rendered even more quickly without relying on the RAM. The graphics card is base on Pascal architecture.

The laptop has 8GB of DDR4 RAM which is fast enough to have multiple Chrome browser tabs or multiple applications open at the same time. For storage the laptop features a 1 TB HDD. The HDD provides great amount of storage.

The display on the laptop is a 15.6" Full HD display. The display is WLED backlit and has a resolution of 1920x1080.

The acid green colour that runs across the laptop gives the laptop a feel for gaming. The laptop comes with Windows 10 preinstalled.

It has a great battery life and is relatively portable for a gaming laptop. The laptop is thin and you can easily carry it around. The laptop is an eye catcher too, after all who wants to be found carrying an ugly looking gaming laptop?


  • Excellent build quality
  • Great audio for laptop
  • Powerful processor performance


  • No RGB lighting for keyboard

4. HP Chromebook

Processor: AMD Dual-Core a4-9120 processor
Graphics Card: Integrated Graphics
Storage: 32GB SSD
Display: 14.0-Inch diagonal HD SVA anti-glare WLED-backlit Display (1366x768)

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Most of you have heard of Chromebooks, but what exactly is a Chromebook? Chromebook is a laptop powered by Chrome OS. Chromebooks are supposed to help you with productivity tasks such as Excel sheets, browsing the internet and watching a few movies. They are not meant to do things like gaming, and the tasks they are supposed to do, they do that well.

HP has gone above and beyond to bring the best laptop, or ummm Chromebook at this price range. The Chromebook is powered by a 7th generation AMD processor; AMD A4-9120. It has a base clock speed of 2.2GHz and a maximum turbo clock speed of 2.5GHz. The performance of the laptop is great with this processor.

The laptop comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM which is not upgradable. The RAM though it seems is a bit low is not so. This is because the operating system is optimised to work on these laptops. The performance of the laptop is great for working with documents and other productive tasks. This also works great for binge watching Netflix and other video streaming platforms.

Speaking of binge watching Netflix, the laptop provides great quality audio due to the dual Bang and Olufsen speakers. If you haven't heard of B&O they are a Danish consumer electronics company and they make speakers for cars like Aston Martin DBS, BMW 7 series and Mercedes AMG cars. They are the epitome of audio.

The display is also a great display and can swivel upto 180 degrees. This gives more flexibility in using the display. The display is a 14" display and has a resolution of 1366x768.The keys on the keyboard are also extremely responsive and very nice to type on.

Overall a greaet laptop and a great value for money laptop under 50000.

5. HP Notebook 14q-cs1000tu

Processor: Intel Core i5-8265U
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: Intel UHD Graphics
Storage: 1TB HDD
Display: 14" diagonal FHD IPS WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080)

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This 14 inch laptop is small and is happy to travel. 14 inches mean it will fit snugly into wherever you want it to be and the 1.43 kg weight makes it easier for you to carry it from and to the office and even to work on the go.

The laptop is not meant for gaming. The lack of a dedicated graphics card will show up if you try gaming on this machine, but then this was not designed to do that task. The task it was supposed to do was office work and it does that well.

The laptop features an 8th generation Intel i5 processor. The processor is a quad core processor with a thread count of 8. The processor has a base speed of 1.60GHz which can go all the way to 3.90GHz with turbo boost. The laptop is extremely smooth due to the processor.

The graphics card that comes with it is an Intel UHD Graphics 620 which does its job particularly well. You won't have any hard time while rendering videos and as such, though it might take some time.

The laptop comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM which takes care of all your  memory needs. The RAM can easily handle a few browser tabs and your word and excel documents.

The laptop comes with 1TB of HDD which takes care of your storage needs. You can have a lot of movies, music and photos on your laptop and never find yourself running out of storage space.

Considering this is lightweight, gorgeous to look at and has the power to do all the tasks it is required to do, we don't feel it is too much to make it the best laptop under 50000 when considering the office category. You can buy this without any second thoughts.


  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Great battery life
  • Awesome display


  • Processor is 8th generation

6. Office Laptop Runner up: Lenovo Ideapad 330

Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB Graphics
Storage: 1TB HDD
Display: 15.6-inch screen

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We love the Lenovo Ideapad for managing to put a decent graphics card in an office laptop. The Lenovo Ideapad is a great machine that can do a lot more than office work.

The Lenovo Ideapad comes with an 8th generation i5 processor; the Intel i5-8250U. The processor was launched in 2017 but that doesn't make it any sluggish. Although, if it was a more recent processor we would have had put it on the top of the list.

The processor like most of the other i5 processors is a quad core processor. The processor has 2 threads per processor and a total of 8 threads. The processor has a base speed of 1.60GHz and can be boosted up to 3.40GHz with turbo boost. Turbo boost is the technology by which the performance of the processor is boosted for a short period of time.

For Graphics surprisingly,  the laptop comes with a dedicated graphics card. It features a GeForce MX 150. The graphics card makes sure that you can play your movies and stream videos without facing any stutter or break in video quality. The laptop can easily stream upto 4K videos. The processor has NVIDIA Optimus technology which gives the perfect ballance between battery life and performance.

The laptop has 1TB of HDD where you can put all your movies and office stuff. One of the essential features of an office laptop is portability and this is very portable. It is very lightweight and offers a great battery life, meaning you don't have to be plugged to your desk all the time. You can move around whenever you want and don't worry much about the battery.


  • Lots of storage
  • Display quality is very good
  • Great for travel


  • lack of dedicated graphics processor
  • 8th generation processor

7. Best Portable Laptop: DELL Inspiron 3493

Processor: Intel Core i5-1035G1
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: Intel UHD Graphics
Storage: 512GB M.2 SSD
Display: 14-inch screen

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The best dell laptop under 50000 is Dell Inspiron 3493. A crown given to it owing to its excellent performance and portability.

This is hands down a brilliant laptop that looks just beautiful. The platinum silver finish on the laptop is just too good not to notice. The best thing to say about this laptop is its looks, you would simply feel like working if you have one of these.

Dell has always been a go to laptop for most of us, making the best gaming laptops with Alienware and as such. The Dell Inspiron series has always been perfect. The laptop features a big keyboard which makes typing easier and the space between the keys means that you can type faster and without breaking a sweat.

On the technical side of things the laptop features an Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor. This is the only laptop from the tenth generation of Intel processors in this list. The processor is based on Ice Lake architecture.

The processor has a base speed of 1.00GHz and a turbo boosted speed of 3.60GHz. For caching the laptop has 6MB of smart cache from Intel. The processor is smooth and works extremely well for all your office needs and perfect for portability.

The bezels on the screen are thin, and the rubberised handrest ensures that even when your hands are sweaty you won't feel troubled by it. The laptop has inbuilt graphics card and you can browse on the internet or watch Netflix without the laptop getting stuck or even slow.

The 8GB DDR4 RAM ensures that you never run out of memory, even when you have a lot of tabs open. This also keeps the laptop smooth while working with Office documents. For storage the laptop features a 512GB SSD which keeps the laptop fast. The SSD helps in fast booting and quicker loading of apps.

What could be more portable than this when you are considering the most portable laptop in the best laptop under 50000? There wasn't a need to push the envelop for us to figure out this was hands down the best laptop in business.


  • Eye catching
  • SSD means excellent performance
  • Latest generation i5 processor


  • Keyboard is a bit cramped

8. Best Apple laptop: Mac Book Air 13"

Processor: 5th Generation Intel i5
Storage: 256GB SSD
Display: 13.3" Retina Display

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We all are guilty of drooling over Mac Books. They look absolutely gorgeous and the oozes premium feel. Mac Books are a coveted piece of equipment for everyone from daily office users to programmers, and Apple has managed to give everyone a laptop, except for the gamers. So if you are looking to do some gaming, this story ends for you here.

The Mac Book Air, though a bit above the price range which is supposed to be discussed here have been added because it is a dream for many. This Apple laptop is from a previous generation and features an i5 processor. The processor is powerful enough for all of your daily needs.

One of the major features of Apple laptops is the hardware software integration. The fact that the software made for laptop is just made for Apple gives smoother performance for the laptop.  The laptop is perfect for everyone.

The Mac Book Air comes with 8 GB of RAM. You can easily open multiple browser tabs without your laptop breaking a sweat.

It has Intel HD Graphics 6000, graphics processor and a 13.3-inch LED backlit glossy widescreen display which supports up to a million colours. It has a native resolution of 1440 by 900. The display is glorious and you can spend eons binge watching your favourite movies on that screen.

All these make the Mac Book Air an ideal candidate for the best laptop under 50000.


  • Apple :)
  • Software Hardware integration makes working on it a dream


  • older generation laptop

9. Honourable Mention: Acer Nitro 5

Processor: Intel Core i5-8300H
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti GDDR5 4GB VRAM
Storage: 1TB 5400 RPM + 256 GB SSD
Display: 15.6" display with IPS, Full HD 1920 x 1080

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We felt that this is too good of a gaming laptop, that we couldn't afford not to mention it. It looks chic and offers performance that makes justice to the money spend on it.

The laptop features an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8300H processor. The processor is a quad core processor with a base speed of 2.30GHz. The processor can increase its speed to 4.00GHz with turbo boost technology. The processor has 8MB of Intel Smart Cache for faster performance.

In the graphics department, the laptop features and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. The graphics card comes with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM. The VRAM helps in increasing the performance of the laptop. This also ensures that the graphics card doesn't use up the RAM while gaming.

This is a gaming laptop and is rather good at it. The red backlit keyboard has great key travel and is smooth to use, whether it is typing or gaming. The laptop features a full size keyboard complete with a number pad which is missing in a lot of today's 15 inch laptops. This makes typing a lot easier.

THe laptop has both SSD and HDD for storage. It has 256GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD. The operating system and games can be kept on the SSD to ensure they load faster, and the PC boots faster, whereas things like movies, songs, office documents and related stuff can be kept on the HDD.

The battery life of this laptop is a mind blowing 7 hrs. This is usually unusual for a gaming laptop. The longer battery life means that you can go places where you wouldn't normally go with a gaming laptop and not search for power outlets.

We loved this gorgeous laptop, and though it didn't get first and second in any category we felt it would be a shame not to mention this Acer laptop in the best laptop under 50000. So here it is.


  • Great cooling even after playing for long hours
  • Excellent battery life of 7 hours
  • SSD + HDD ensures fast boot and lots of space


  • single backlit keyboard

10. Lenovo Ideapad S145 – 81W800E91N

Processor: Intel Core i5-8300H
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics Card: Integrated Graphics Card
Storage: 512 GB SSD
Display: 15.6" display with IPS, Full HD 1920 x 1080

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Another laptop which we are compelled to mention is Lenovo Ideapad S145. A great laptop at a great price. The laptop looks stunning, and is a perfect choice for office goers.

The laptop comes with an 8th generation i5 processor, specifically Intel Core i5-8300H processor. The processor is a quad core processor. It has a base speed of 2.30GHz and a max clock speed of 4.00GHz. It has 8MB of Intel Smart Cache for better performance.

The graphics card in the laptop is an integrated graphics card. This shouldn't be a deal breaker if you don't do much gaming in the laptop. But if you're someone who plays a lot, look at our best gaming laptop to do that. The laptop is extremely powerful for all the other daily tasks.

The laptop has a 512GB SSD which ensures that the laptop is extremely fast during boot and there is no lag while usage. The display is also great and crisp. You can watch movies all day long if you want.

Overall this is a great laptop and a good package.

Best laptops under 55000

Hey, this was supposed to be an article for the best laptops under 50000, so why does this contain best laptops under 55000?

Well, the truth is whenever you go to buy something you always tend to go a bit overboard. And we thought, we should add these here, so you don't have to go searching for the best with the price a bit high.

11. Microsoft Surface Go MHN-00015

Processor: Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y,
Graphics Card: Intel HD 615 Graphics
Storage: 128 GB SSD
Display: 10 inch 1800 x 1200 Pixelsense display

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The question that needs to be asked about Microsoft Surface Go is where do you draw the line between a tablet and a laptop. This is something which is perfect for someone on the go, and doesn't want to carry a bulky device with them.

The Surface can work in both Tablet mode and Laptop mode, but the difference is more on how you keep the Surface rather than any performance difference. Moving the kickstand (that's the name Microsoft came up with) will make all the difference between how you use it.

The, ummm, laptop(?) is powered by an Intel Pentium Gold processor. The processor is a dual core processor which supports multi threading. It has a clock speed of 1.60GHz. This is enough to carry out most of the casual work that you need ot do in a day.

The laptop comes with Windows pre-installed which is not a surprise since it is made by Microsoft. Another not-a-surprise thing is the lack of a dedicated graphics card. The graphics processor that comes along with it is Intel HD 615 Graphics which is embedded in the CPU.

The laptop comes with 8GB of DDR3 RAM which is more than enough for a lot of browser tabs. It also has 128GB of SSD for storage which gives enough space for storing a few movies when you're on the move and all the office documents.

Overall we feel this is great as a laptop under 55000, but it works more as a tablet rather than a laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide. What specs should I look for?

50000 is some serious money and when you're getting a laptop you should ensure that you're getting value for money. So what are the things that you should look into while getting a laptop that costs this much? First things first, why're you getting the laptop? Different people use laptops for different purposes and multiple laptops cater to multiple needs.

Gaming laptops cater to people who game alone, and a person who uses his laptop only for watching movies and editing documents, buying a gaming laptop because of the higher specs is just going to add to his woes. It would have had been better if he had chosen a cheaper laptop for a better price.

So why doesn't a gaming laptop fit for a person who doesn't game? The answer is, those things are meant to run at its full power. Something a word document or video streaming is not going to do. Running at higher power means more heat and heat is an extremely bad thing. So to dissipate this heat we need huge heat sinks and cooling system which makes the laptop extremely huge and making it difficult to carry around. This is a needless pain and something that should be avoided.

These are the things that are to be considered while buying a laptop.

Size of the laptop

Laptops comes in multiple sizes. The major of them are 13inch, 15 inch and 17 inch. If you want portability go for smaller size laptops. But if you want better performance, or better screen size, go for the bigger ones.

17 inch laptops might be a bit hard to carry around considering the size of the laptops, and if you don't need it for coding or for tasks that require huge screen size, then it is better to stick with the smaller sizes.

Also bigger laptops are easier to cool, and can easily carry lot of power with them. But since they are bulky it is harder to carry. With a smaller laptop, though it is easy to carry you will have to sacrifice the performance.


Screen size
Screen size

Laptops with multiple types of displays are available in the market. Majorly a screen can either be a touch screen or one that doesn't support touch. We are not big fans of touch screens and we think that people don't use touch much in a laptop. It is somewhat harder to take your hand up and move it all the way to the top of the screen to close the tab, when you have a track-pad right next to your thumb. But having a touch screen is more of a personal choice and you would find it more handy in Microsoft Surface and similar devices.

One of the major factors that decide the quality of display is the resolution. So what is resolution? A picture on the screen is made up of a large number of squares known as pixels. Each of these pixels light up with different colours to show you an image. If you look through a magnifying glass you can see the individual pixels. Resolution is the count of the number of pixels on a display. Higher the number better the display.

A full HD display has 1920x1080 resolution. This means that there are 1920 pixels in the horizontal direction and 1080 in the vertical. Laptop resolutions usually start at 1366x768, which is 720p and goes all the way up to 3840x2160 which is 4K display.

The display also varies depending on the type of display. Displays are divided into IPS (In-plane switching), TN (Twisted Nematic) and IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) with IGZO being the most expensive and TN the cheapest. IPS is extremely good quality display and is widely used in laptops whereas TN makes up for the most displays in laptops.

The surface of the display can be either matte finish or glossy finish. A matte finish display means that light from behind you won't reflect on the screen and it will be easier to view things. A matte finish display is also called an anti-glare display.

If you play a lot of games then there are some other stuff also for you to look into: refresh rates and response times. Refresh rate is the number of frames that the screen can display in a second. Higher refresh rates will ensure that the when playing games that involve lots of movement, the display will be smoother. Usually refresh rates are 60Hz and can go up to 144Hz.

Response time is the time which takes for a pixel to switch on and off. A lower response time means that the display will respond faster to change. Response time is measured in milliseconds. 5ms or less is considered extremely fast.

Notebook review has an extremely good article on laptop screens.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)


At 50000 Rs, the most you can get is an i5 processor, and that is powerful enough for most tasks. You can put in an i5 even in high end gaming rigs and not fear about bottle necks. i5 processors usually are quad core processors which means they have four cores inside it. Each of the core can work as an individual processor and therefore you can multitask easily.

You can technically get laptops with i7 processors, but they'll be older generation processors. Intel updates its processor line up almost every year and each is better than the previous. So some of the latest i5 processors can outperform the older i7s. So it is better to get a newer i5 than an old i7.

We would recommend you to buy atleast 8th or 9th generation processor while buying a laptop. This would help you keep the optimum power for your laptop at this price range.

Read more.

Random Access Memory (RAM)


RAM is used to store data temporarily and is extremely fast compared to the hard disk. A larger RAM will help you load more data while the laptop is running, so basically you can open more chrome tabs or do multiple tasks with relative ease.

In the olden days 4GB RAM was enough, and even today it can be with a bit difficulty, but it is always better to have at least 8GB of RAM. RAM modules are cheap now-a-days and it is easier to swap one also. So even if you have less RAM you can upgrade it whenever you want.



Most people needs lots of storage, for all their movies and songs and other stuff. But is bigger always better. A hard disk drive (HDD) is a lot cheaper compared to a solid state drive (SSD), but SSDs are faster and a lot faster.

A study conducted by Avast has concluded that an SSD had a boot time of 17 seconds compared to an HDD which had a boot time of 79 seconds, and for game loading times for GTA V, the game loading time reduced from 133 seconds to just 25 seconds, which is massive.

The best option to get the best of both worlds is to have a tiny SSD, like 128GB and a huge HDD (1TB). Load the operating system on the SSD so it will boot faster, and load the games and things which you access frequently or you need to perform on the SSD. The rest of the stuff like all your movies and games, move them to the Hard Disk Drive.



Keyboard is where you spend most of the time after the display on a laptop and therefore we need to ensure that you can have an excellent keyboard. The keyboard should have large keys and space between keys should also be large.

Most of the keyboards on laptops with less than 15.6 inch screen size does not feature numpad. Numpads are not extremely necessary for keyboards unless you deal with numbers a lot, and even if that's the case once you are used to keyboards without numpad you won't miss much.

Another feature which is essential for keyboard is back-lighting. If the keyboard is not back-lit you'll find yourself squinting your eyes searching for keys in the darkness. Gaming laptops features keyboards that can change colours (RGB back-light) but that's more of a fancy feature than serving any utility.

Battery Life


If you're someone who travels a lot, one of the things that you have to take care of very much is the battery life of the laptop. It is hard to search for ports while you're on the go, or during a meeting. So take special care about how long the battery can last.

Some laptops may have a huge battery, but if it is a gaming laptop, which has a graphics card, it draws too much power. This might cause it to drain the power easily and last for only a couple of hours. More than how big the battery is, always take special care on how much time it lasts.

Office laptops generally have a longer battery life compared to gaming laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a great gaming laptop under 50000?

Gaming laptops require graphics cards to increase their performance. Graphics cards are used to display the frames on the screen. Getting a gaming laptop that can play all of the latest games is hard since the games are becoming more and more demanding and Nvidia has just released the latest RTX 30 series graphics cards.

That being said, you can get decent gaming laptops to play games at Low settings. The latest games might not be playable on these laptops and you might need to spend more to get gaming laptops at this price range.

If you want a gaming laptop, we recommend going with ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT, our choice for the best gaming laptop at this price range. It features a GTX 1650 graphics card which is an upgraded graphics card and can play most of the latest titles easily.

Which is the best laptop manufacturer?

This is a subjective question and based mostly on personal preferences. I have personally used Lenovo laptops in the  past and currently have an Dell Alienware 15 R3. I have premium support which means Dell officials will come to my home and repair the laptop for free, and I love Dell support for that.

Other manufacturers also provide great support but I am not sure personally how much effective they are. Some people have bad experiences with Dell. Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Mi, HP are all great manufacturers. It all comes down to the model at the end of the day. At certain price points some manufacturers have great laptops. I loved the Mi laptop at this price range. It is a quiet recent addition to this list and  it provides great value for money.

I would suggest you to look at individual laptops rather than manufacturers because there's not much difference honestly and everybody is competing with each other to create the best product.

Is SSD worth it?

SSD has great speed difference compared to ordinary HDD. My friend had a laptop with an ordinary HDD and she hated it, like it was so slow. It took like two or three minutes to just start up. We were thinking of getting a new laptop and then we decided to try an SSD. I had a spare SSD, so we tried it and it booted in around 1 minute.

SSDs are fast. Most of the people blame not having enough RAM or processing power, but the truth is the bottleneck is mostly at storage level. This is because, for the processor to process the data it first has to load it into the RAM. So if the SSD is slow, it takes more time making the overall process slower.

If you have a laptop that is slow, I would defenitely recommend trying an SSD. It is always worth it. Most people suggest upgrading the RAM, but most of the cases, unless you open like a hundred Chrome tabs or game a lot, it is rare to see people running out of RAM.

Should I get a 2-in-1 laptop?

I have felt that 2-in-1 laptops are a bit little value for money, but then it is according to your taste. I use laptop to game a lot and something that is less powerful is not something I would like to have. But if you don't game at all, and watches movies in bed and all, 2-in-1 is a great deal.

For one thing, it is ultra portable and you can take it anywhere and then it has a touch screen and you can use it as a tablet. It is a great experience to use a 2-in-1. I have an iPad and I love it and I miss having a keyboard on it. 2-in-1 is a great deal for someone on the move and uses it for light purposes.

How much RAM should I get for the laptop?

This is an age old question. Everyone's like more RAM, more RAM, but I don't feel like RAM is the solution to everything. As mentioned before, having a great SSD will do miracles for you. I think 8GB should see you through most of the applications. Programming, Video editing, you name it. Most of the tasks should be done with the help of 8GB of RAM.


When choosing the best laptop under 50000, we feel strongly that you should pick according to your needs. You can first find what you want to do with the laptop and pick the best that suit your needs. If you need a gaming laptop, go for something with a great graphics card. If portability is something that is mandatory for you then get a small laptop, something like a 2-in-1 would be awesome.

Finding an excellent laptop is a journey, and a long journey indeed. We hope we had made it easier with the list of laptops. Always remember chose the laptop you need rather than the one you want and you will be more than happy with the choice.