5 Top Laptop Cooling Pads in India (2020)

Irrespective of whether you're a gamer or not, one of the things that is extremely mandatory for a laptop is a cooling pad. Cooling pad helps improve the circulation of air in the laptop and helps keep the laptop cool after long hours of usage.

Desktop computers have bigger air vents and systems which helps keep the temperature low, but laptops have a hard time doing the same. Laptops can be kept cooler by blowing wind into the laptop by an external source, which is what a cooling pad does.

One of the major questions people ask about cooling pads is why they're required. They are required mainly for two uses: one is to keep the laptop cool and other is to have a stand for better ergonomics while using the laptop. Some of the cooling pads come with a stand so that you can keep the laptop tilted at an angle or at a height for better ergonomics.

1. TopMate TM-3 12-15.6"

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TopMate is an international manufacturer of cooling pads and makes some of the best cooling pads that balance utility and performance. The cooling pad looks great and this is one of those things which gamers in particular will have an affinity to.

The cooling pad is suitable for a wide range of sizes ranging from 12" to 15.6" laptops. Today most of the laptops are 15.6" and are perfect for most users. The cooling pad has a blue light which comes from it which makes it look very cool, but some of the users might not be big fans, and this cooling pad has the ability to turn off the light also.

There are a total of 5 fans in the cooling pad, with a big fan in the middle and four small fans around it. The big fan has an RPM of 1200 while the smaller fans rotate at 2400RPM, giving great cooling capabilities. Users have reported cooling of 8-10 degree centigrade with this cooling pad.

The cooling pad is sturdy and offers 5 different levels of height adjustments. You can increase or decrease the height of the laptop as wished. There is no wobble or flexibility as high quality material has gone into the manufacturing of this cooling pad.

There is a small display also on the cooling pad which shows the mode in which the cooling pad is running and helps in reducing the speed of the fans. Overall this is one of the best cooling pads we have come across and would defenitely recommend you to get one.

2. Dezful Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Cooling Pad [Suitable for Upto 17 Inch Laptops]

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Another cooling pad that offers excellent value for money. The pricing of the cooling pad is extremely low for the amount of performance it provides and we recommend this to anyone on a budget. The cooling pad fits every laptop under 17.3" size, because of the number of fans it has.

The cooling pad has four fans to help uniform cooling across the bottom of the laptop. The cooling pad is illuminated to give it a better look. The cable that comes with the cooling pad to connect it to the laptop is braided so that you don't have to risk it getting torn after long usage.

The cooling pad has an adjustable mount to increase the height and the angle at which the laptop is placed. The cooling pad has two roller switches to control the fans and LEDs. It also has two USB ports so that you can connect the cooling pad to the laptop without having to sacrifice that extra port.

The fans have a speed of around 1300RPM which should cool the laptop by a few degrees, and in the world of laptop even a few degrees make all the difference.

Overall this is a great cooling pad for casual users.

3. Cooler Master (R9-NBC-NPX3-GP) Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad

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Cooler master is one of the great names in the world of computers. This is a big brand and manufactures a large amount of computer and laptop peripherals such as chassis, keyboards, cooling pads and mouse.

The cooling pad is decently sized and mainly supports laptop of 17" and 15" sizes. You can use laptops of smaller sizes also with this cooling pad, but that might not be as effective as for the recommended sizes.

This cooling pad has just 1 fan and though that feels like a downgrade considering the other cooling pads which we mentioned above, that is not the case.  The fan in the cooling pad has a diameter of 200mm and helps in circulating the air evenly under the laptop. This helps in dissipating the heat inside the laptop efficiently.

The cooling pad has a blue lighting inside to give a cool effect also. There are two vents on the front side of the cooling pad so that your hands get a cool breeze to keep them cool and dry.

The cooling pad comes with two different height settings which can be adjusted according to your convenience. This helps in you being able to use the cooling pad to have a better posture.

The cooling pad also has a high quality UV coating to prevent the paint from getting dull and the cooling pad to loose its finish. The noise level is under 23dB which makes it super silent.

All these makes this one of the best cooling pads available in India today.

4. Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad, Adjustable Height, 5 Fan Design, LED Light, USB Ports, Support Upto 17" laptops (Blue)

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Another cooling pad with five fans, the cosmic byte is one of the most efficient cooling pads. The cooling pad features four 80mm fans and one 140mm fan so that the air is blown uniformly under the laptop and is destributed evenly.

The design on the cooling pad is eye catching and is the number one selling product on Amazon. This is because of the high quality of the product. The mesh on top of the cooling pad is of excellent quality and can support laptops upto 17" size.

The fans in the cooling pad are absolutely silent enabling you to use it throughout the day. The cooling pad can accomodate laptops from the size of 14". One of the cooler features of the laptop is that you can adjust the height of the laptop to 7 levels. This means you can make it as comfortable as you want.

The cooling pad has two USB ports so that even if you connect one of the ports on your laptop for powering the cooling pad, you can still use that port to connect a USB device. The cooling pad is extrememly ergonomic and can be carried around easily.

Overall, we loved the design of the laptop and the cooling abilities the cooling pad provides. You can use this pad all day long to get better positioning of the laptop and a cooler laptop.

5. TopMate C7

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This is an excellent cooling pad for gaming laptops. Featuring large high speed fans, this cooling pad does the job exceptionally well.

The cooling pad comes in multiple LED colours. The top of the cooling pad has an anti slip baffle to prevent the laptop from sliding off the cooling pad during gaming or your daily tasks. It also supports laptops of all sizes ranging from just 12" to 17". The versatility of this cooling pad is something we loved about it.

The cooling pad also helps with ergonomics as it has adjustible height settings. This helps in you sitting straight and your hand resting in a comfortable posture while using the laptop for long hours.

The cooling pad has a total of 5 fans, of which four are large and one is small. This is in stark contrast to other cooling pads who have four small fans and a large fan. The small fan rotate at 2500RPM and the big fans rotate at 1000RPM giving effective and uniform cooling to the underside of the laptop.

The cooling pad has a display which shows which mode the cooling pad is in and helps in increasing the speed or decreasing according to requirements. There are three touch sensing button to adjust the speed and the brightness.

This cooling pad cools the laptop by 5 to 10 degrees which is really great during gaming. This helps prevent throttling of the processor and helps in smooth running of the laptop for long hours.

6. LAPCARE ChillMate Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad with Twin Fans for Efficient Cooling

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Two fans extreme cooling. The LapCare ChillMate is a cooler that works with all laptops and helps lower the temperature of the laptop efficiently.

The cooling pad has two fans each with a radius of 12.5cm. These fans rotate at a speed of 1000RPM to help increase air flow to the bottom of the laptop. This air circulates through the inside of the laptop and cools the internal parts like CPU efficiently.

The cooling pad has an angled design. This helps in keeping the laptop at an angle and makes usage easier. There are 6 adjustment stages so that you can choose the one that fits perfectly for you. It has a non slip design which ensures that the laptop stays on the cooling pad and doesn't slip and fall.

The fans are ultra quiet and has fixed speed. We would have prefered adjustable speeds but we are happy with the product otherwise.

The cooling pad is suitable for laptops upto 15.6" wide.

The angled steps help in keeping your back pain at bay, since you can adjust the height to fit to your needs exactly. Overall this is a great package and great value for money. On a budget this should be the go to product.