Best Apple iPad in India: Which iPad should you buy?

I am an Apple fanboy. I have loved every Apple product ever released. Started with an iPhone 4s, and the love has continued over the years. The thing with Apple is, the focus is more on the bigger picture. The Apple ecosystem works seamlessly. The devices work with each other to create a wholesome experience for you. For example, I can plug my earphones into my MacBook, and when my iPhone rings, it shows up on my MacBook I can answer it from the MacBook itself. Tell me that it isn't awesome.

If you have at least one Apple product, I would recommend you to buy the iPad without any second thoughts. You can answer your iPhone on your iPad if it is an iPhone you have, and if it is a Mac, your it will double up as a screen.

So, to the question: Which iPad?

These are the iPad models that are currently available

  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini


We have one of these, and we love it to the core. The iPad strikes the perfect balance between the remaining models. The outgoing version of the iPad (the 2018 version), had a 9.7" retina display, while the current one has a 10.2" retina display. Other than the display everything is almost similar between the outgoing and the newer version.

Both the iPads support the 1st Generation Apple Pencil.  The iPad, we feel is perfect for someone who's on a budget, but wants a feel for Apple Pencil. Working on Procreate with the iPad and Apple Pencil was a joy.  Artists who wants to work on a tablet to draw would love the iPad.

image alt text

The screen is well lit and we found it to be the go-to device to watch Netflix in bed.

The build quality of the iPad is second to none. The aluminium finish oozes quality. The iPad weighs around 500g, and it feels good to hold.

Both the iPads are currently available in the market and you can buy both from Amazon. Unless you are on a strict budget, and if you have decided to get the iPad, get the latest version. The price difference is not huge, and you can say you have the latest version of the iPad.

Both come with 32GB and 128GB versions, and both have WiFi only or WiFi and cellular models. Both come in Space Grey, Rose Gold, and Silver finishes.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro models are not tablets. They are art, pure art. The iPad Pro has bezels that are so thin that you'll feel like you're holding a piece of glass.

It doesn't have a home button like the other iPads and works solely on gestures. Gestures to minimize, see all open apps, close, and everything. It is a miracle how they have made all those gestures so intuitive.

The iPad Pro unlocks with Face ID and works in both landscape and portrait mode. The Face ID works flawlessly, but if you're used to Touch ID, it feels sort of eery at times.

The iPad Pro offers excellent performance. The A12X Bionic chip and M12 co-processor do their jobs extremely well. There is no lag, even when you open multiple tabs on Safari, and you can even split the screen to play a video while browsing if you want, and everything works flawlessly.

The battery of iPad Pro lasts for over 13 hours, which is staggering. This tablet gives any Android tablet a run for its money.

iPad Air

iPad Air exists to bridge gaps. If you don't want the iPad because it is too powerless and you don't want the iPad Pro either, because it is too powerful, then go for iPad Air.

Previously the Air monicker was added to the smallest of the Apple family, but that's not the case here. The iPad Air has a 10.5-inch Retina display making it larger than the mini, the smallest of the lot.

The iPad Air features an A12 Bionic processor with a Neural engine. You can write on the Air with 1st Generation Apple Pencil. The iPad Air also supports Smart Keyboard.

iPad Air has true tone tech, which means depending on the ambient lighting in the room, the iPad adjusts its color temperature, making the display feel more lifelike.

The iPad Air is extremely powerful, though it lacks the Pro monicker and sits very close to the iPad Pro. This tablet, we feel strikes the perfect balance which Apple was trying to achieve. Not to performant, but offering the right screen area and right power at the right price.

iPad Mini

This is the tiniest of them all. It is simply adorable. But don't let its tiny size fool you. Within it lies the heart of a warrior. A king.

It has the same A12 Bionic chip which is featured in the iPad Air, and also has a Neural Engine. And the latest of these babies support Apple Pencil. The new iPad Air will make you feel like, it's nothing like the old Air. It is too powerful when compared to the old Air.

The iPad mini has a 7.9" screen, which means you can kind of put it in your pocket. It is perfect if you want a larger than mobile screen size, extreme power, and extreme portability.

With one charge, this beast of a device can go for 10 hours. The iPad mini is perfect for you if you want to have a small, extremely portable device.

Final Verdict

Every iPad caters to extremely different audiences. Which iPad you should have, finally boils down to what your preferences are.

If you want an extremely powerful iPad, go for the Pro. If you travel a lot, go for the Mini. If you are on a strict budget, go for the iPad. and if you are not sure, go for the Air.