Avita Laptop Review by a user: should you buy it?

Avita is a relatively new company, but that hasn't stopped it from making some ripples in a market that is overly saturated. So, kudos to Avita for it.

But the questions are:
1. Why is Avita such a sudden hit?
2. Should you buy one?
3. Which model should you get?

So for the first question, the answer it, because of their pricing.

Most of the companies today are opting for work from home, and it is very essential to have a great internet connection and a good working laptop. These things force us to get the best of things.

Buying a laptop that cannot stand the test of time will be an utter waste of money as we rarely upgrade our laptops. So it is necessary that we get it right the first time itself.

Avita laptops come in a wide range of budgets starting from just 20000 Rs, going al; the way up to 90000 for laptops. This shows the versatility of the brand coming to laptops.

The value that the laptop offers is way ahead of its competitors. This can be seen by the number of reviews that have been left on Amazon. You can see from here, that the laptop has more than 1000 reviews at the time of writing this article.

The laptop has managed to get a 4-star rating in spite of having a lot of competition.

Honestly, Avita is new to the market but we should definitely consider every brand. Even One Plus was once a new brand that has managed to surprise us all. Can Avita pull of something similar? Let's read the review for Avita laptops.

A bit about the brand AVITA

Avita is a subsidiary of a brand known as Nexstgo Company Limited. This is a brand based in Hong Kong. It makes a wide range of commercial products ranging from PCs, laptops, IoT, AI devices and so on.

The company has invested 10 Crores to bring its presence to India. The company plans to open 50 outlets in Indian cities. With pricing starting from 21000, the laptop manufacturer aims to capture a really good chunk of the market.

You can read more about the plans of Nexstgo in India here.

But the question is, why do you have to know about its plans? Because, even though initially it has a few issues, the fact that the company plans to expand its base in India shows that the services are going to be better in the coming years.

But just because the laptops are cheap doesn't mean all of its laptops are so. In fact, the top of the line Avita laptop, the Avita Admirror is a CES Innovation Award honoree.

So, now we know it does make a few laptops that are simply great. The laptops themselves have got awards for perfection.

But, every laptop is about the after-sales service because they are bound to go wrong, and when it goes wrong, you want a company that has your back. And Avita just doesn't do that

But, every laptop is about the after-sales service because they are bound to go wrong, and when it goes wrong, you want a company that has your back. And Avita just doesn't do that.

Is Avita Laptops good?

The answer to the question is yes and no. The truth is it depends on the model of the laptop. Also, the lack of great customer service pushes me to say no don't get one right now.

So what's your review on Avita laptops?

Overall, on paper, these laptops look pretty good.

As said before, these laptops are the recipients of great awards and is a symbol of a company striving to set its foot in a competitive market.

The pricing of these laptops is excellent that I have no complaints about them. They cater to the needs of all the users with different budgets.

Let's take a few of their laptops into consideration. The AVITA Essential Refresh is an excellent laptop. Costing just 21,990 on Amazon at the time of writing, the laptop has amassed 266 ratings and has 4 stars.

If you take a pricier AVITA Essential into consideration, the one that costs 24200, the ratings have hit the roof.

The number of people who have rated this laptop is more than that of any Dell laptop. That is huge, considering it is from a laptop that is so new. The laptop has more than a thousand ratings and a 4-star rating.

So what's the catch? No product is perfect. And with Avita's case, the issue is service.

If your product gets damaged either due to a fault on their part or on your part, it will take you a long time to get it fixed. The number of service centres in India for Avita is so low. But we hope that the situation changes soon and there will be enough service centres in the future that makes buying one of these laptops worth your while.